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Many people enjoy do it yourself projects; unfortunately dryer repair requires training and experience. Allow our company to take the stress and worry out of repairing your machine. This will not only make your life easier but will avoid any injury or other mishap.

Our experienced fully trained employees are qualified to diagnose and repair:


• Dryer overheating repair
• Dryer is under heating or no heating at all repair
• Dryer is taking longer than usual to dry repair
• Dryer’s digital display Error message repair
• Dryer Circuit breaker problems or blown fuses repair
• Dyer belt repair
• Dryer Foul smelling clothing
• Dryer is total a non-functioning machine!

These are just some of the problems our Appliance experts employees are trained to handle. A dryer that isn’t functioning is not only inconvenient but can be dangerous! Your safety and satisfaction is our priority! H&Ms Appliance repair ensures in keeping up with all city and county codes. We will even replace your existing vinyl vent duct system (which is a fire hazard) with aluminum venting.

Keeping your already purchased dryer is in your best interest. Proper repair and maintenance will allow you to keep your machine for years to come! There are plenty of things in life that your money can be used for besides purchasing an expensive new appliance. Contact H&Ms Appliance repair to help you save money and the headache of buying a new dryer!


Dryer Repair Tips

Dryer lint can cause trouble because it blocks dryer lint traps, clogs vents, and fills blowers. The result can sometimes mean poor clothes drying or — sometimes — no drying. To avoid lint problems, clean out the dryer’s lint trap system every time you use the dryer.

Your Satisfaction is Guarantee
If your unit breaks down for any reasons related to the original repair in 90 day period, we will replace any original parts that failed due to defects and workmanship, FREE. Also, any labor associated to that repair is FREE.

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